Bring the Magic of Ireland to your Home

Irish Turf, also known as peat, is actually an early form of coal and has been a staple for providing heat to homes, cottages, and castles throughout Ireland. The Irish have been cutting turf for over 2000 years. It is cut with a special spade and is then laid out and turned several times in order to dry properly. Unless you have traveled throughout Ireland it is hard to describe the unique aroma and ambiance turf provides. For anyone who has visited Ireland the smell of turf brings back wonderful memories of a country full of beauty, hospitality and a unique history dating back centuries. You can start your own memories and bring the ambiance of a local Irish pub to your backyard chiminea, indoor or outdoor fireplace with your own turf fire!

Briquettes are made from 100% natural products with no additives or binders. They are produced using a complex and energy efficient process. Each briquette is a small block of highly compressed dry peat. Briquettes are much drier than turf and are easier to light. They produce more heat when burned and less smoke.

Bring the Magic of Ireland to Your Home!

Turf provides a unique aroma to your indoor/outdoor fireplace or chiminea

Burns for Hours

The Perfect hard-to-find gift